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With the fifth generation of its rotary indexing tables, WEISS is now taking a further, resolute step towards fulfilling customer wishes for more flexibility, resource efficiency and speed. Moreover, the series of products creates easy access to production digitalization for system integrators, plant manufacturers and users.

Upgrade your Productivity. Automatically.

  • Higher cycle rates with constant loading
  • Smaller size with constant loading
  • Less space required in the overall system
  • Higher loading with smaller size and low
    cycle rates
  • Operational status always in view thanks to digitization
TC-N, festtaktender Rundschalttisch.
TC-N mit eCam.
Rundschalttische CR-N
Rundschalttische CR-N

Upgrade your Efficiency.

Smaller size, higher cycle rates, more loading, more compact overall systems. The new bearing arrangement and redesigned drive train increase the dynamics. The flat, compact rotary indexing tables achieve high rigidity and robustness. In the future, users can resort to a smaller size so that higher cycle numbers can be achieved at the same load.

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Rotary indexing table Generation 5. Mechanics and mechatronics in detail.

A reliable mechatronic component is the basis of productivity, efficiency and digitalization. The technological basis of the WEISS rotary indexing tables was completely revised. The new mechatronic platform combines a rotary indexing table, motor, control and future digital functions. It can be seamlessly integrated into an overall system.

Highly durable and precise cylinder cam Product updates in detail..

Highly durable and precise cylinder cam.

The revision of all geometric components and new manufacturing processes have significantly increased the power density. Together with process optimization, paired components ensure a long service life, high rigidity and precision. The rotary indexing tables of the fifth generation let users select among 4 cam designs.

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New transmission concept Product updates in detail.

New transmission concept

The new toothed gear-based gear unit for direct and loss-free power transmission enables a much more direct, rigid connection from the motor to the rotary plate. It delivers accuracy, rigidity and service life.

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Larger center opening Product updates in detail.

Larger center opening

The freely accessible center opening allows greater flexibility for attachments. The even larger free opening in the center of the table has a free passage to the side of the housing. It can be used to provide a large number of signals and media. The upright center part is the ideal basis for vertical attachments and rotary feedthroughs.

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Energy efficient and adaptable motors Product updates in detail.

Energy efficient and adaptable motors

The new, efficient generation of motors increases the energy efficiency of WEISS rotary indexing tables. The motors used to operate the fixed-station tables are infinitely adjustable to enable them to adjust to specific customer applications precisely.

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Precision-ground and hardened cam rollers Product updates in detail.

Precision-ground and hardened cam rollers

The optimizations of the pins and bearings result in a reliable, highly accurate and rigid system. This significantly increases the dynamics.

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Operational status always in view Product updates in detail.

Operational status always in view

An illuminated smart board uses a light signal to provide information about the operational status of the fixed-station rotary indexing tables. The optional module provides space for information as part of production digitalization.

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Solving Challenges –
Answers From the WEISS World.

The focus of this product redesign is on the user. Each adaptation and optimization is geared toward achieving faster production times, a higher throughput of parts, improved utilization or a more efficient use of resources. The mechatronic concept of the rotary indexing tables has been completely revised. With the fifth generation, WEISS is laying the foundation for large-scale digitization. This modular design of the product range allows WEISS to deliver its customers a high degree of flexibility for optimum adaptation to their specific application.

Shorter production times or turning out larger quantities in the time available help boost productivity and thus the output. At the same load, the fifth generation of WEISS rotary indexing tables is up to 38 percent faster. To allow a higher load, the axial force increases by a factor of 2.

Higher loading

The new bearing arrangement and redesigned drive train increase the dynamics of the rotary indexing tables. In the future, users will be able to use a smaller size to increase loading at low cycle rates.

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Power transmission

Gear drives ensure direct power transmission without any losses. As a result, the connecting link from the motor to the cam is much stiffer, allowing a more precise gear ratio. This has a positive effect on positioning accuracy.

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Short cycle times

Higher cycle rates are possible at a smaller size and the same load, as the bearing principle and drive train allow higher dynamics. The compact rotary indexing tables achieve high rigidity and robustness.

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In modern production processes, productivity is not the only thing that matters. Existing resources must be used strategically. At stake here is how to make best use of the work time, materials and financial resources. With the fifth generation, the total rotation time is reduced by up to 25 percent. Engine efficiency is up to 27 percent better.

Leveraging eCam potential

By using eCam technology, a rotary indexing table of the same size and speed level can move the same load in less time. The principle of cam overlapping shortens cycle times overall. The time required to bring the motor up to speed from a standstill is eliminated by overlapping the cam profile and the movement profile of the servo motor.

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Less required space

In the future, when designing the overall system, less installation space will be required for the rotary indexing table. The new design is compact, optimized to minimize interfering contours, and can take on more load at a smaller size. This makes room for further components or reduces the space required for the overall system.

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Reduce energy consumption

When designing the motor, developers focused particularly on energy efficiency. The almost infinitely adjustable indexing time increases potential savings with regard to overall rotation time and component variety. Where physically possible, the new generation of rotary indexing tables satisfies the requirements of energy efficiency class IE3.

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Modular automation systems can be converted to meet changing requirements in an extremely short time. Each component of the overall system adds to this flexibility. The fifth generation offers users five configuration options for motor and gear unit. Together with the motor and control unit, the gear unit is now almost infinitely variable with eight stages.

Center opening

Center opening

Cables and hoses can be routed conveniently through the optimized center opening to the stationary center section. Depending on the size of the table, additional sensors, actuators or handling units can now be implemented simply and easily.

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Variable installation

The new generation of WEISS rotary indexing tables can be used in different installation positions. The pivotable gear unit, good accessibility and compact design make installation in the overall system extremely easy.

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Infinitely adjustable

Together with the motor and control unit, the gear unit is now almost infinitely variable with eight stages. More flexible indexing times and loads within the defined indexing are now possible. Both the gear unit and the motor can be used in a wide variety of installation positions.

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Modular design

The modular concept consisting of standardized gear units and variable installation means shorter delivery times and less service work.

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Connecting production and automation processes to create a network can prevent unnecessary downtime. Feedback from each machine component to the higher-level system establishes transparency, enabling access to even more optimization options. Virtual models support plant design and commissioning.


Visual communication

In the future, users of TC-N fixed-station rotary indexing tables will be able to easily detect the status of the rotary indexing table at a glance. An illuminated smart board uses a light signal to provide information about the operational status. In the further evolution of WEISS rotary indexing tables, the smart board will become the interface for digitalization.

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Digital Twin

Simulation models

The fifth generation of WEISS rotary indexing tables comes with a simulation model already at the start of sales. System integrators, system designers and design engineers can download them from ISG's TwinStore, the platform for simulation models.

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Digital Twin

Virtual Commissioning

With components from WEISS, time-to-market can be shortened before actual production. Simulation models already support plant manufacturers and system integrators in the planning and implementation phases in early stages such as the creation of the system concept and virtual commissioning.

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Center Opening

Type plate

A QR code on the type plate of the fifth generation directs to the WEISS website and to online product support. It corresponds to DIN SPEC 91406 for the automatic identification of physical objects in IT and IoT systems.

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The fifth generation of WEISS rotary indexing tables

Virtual engineering and VIBN

Digital twins and simulation models support commissioning and thus shorten time-to-market. However, they can be an important decision-making aid as early as the plant design stage. Simulation models enable plant designers to compare individual components at an early stage, check their performance and determine whether they fit into the overall automation plant concept.

Simulation models

WEISS is already making simulation models of the fifth generation of its rotary indexing tables available for download at the start of sales. The models are provided in ISG's TwinStore and are designed for the simulation software ISG Virtuos.Go to TwinStore by ISG